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Adding scripts to the Plugins menu
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# The script file is saved in the <code></code> or the <code></code> directory (or a subdirectory thereof).
# The script name ends in a supported script extension. For example
#* ".js" for javascript,
The extension will be stripped and any underscores will be turned into spaces before the script is added to the menus.
Scripts in the top-level <code></code> directory will appear at the bottom of the ''Plugins'' menu. Scripts can be placed in other menus by nesting subdirectories, for example placing a script in the <code></code> directory will add it to the ''File'' menu.
If you aren't able to find your script, you can always run the [[Using_the_Command_Launcher|Command Finder]] to verify its location (or absence).
Commands added to the menu in the described way can be called from other scripts. Use the [[macro recorder]] to get the required code for doing so.
= Running scripts in headless mode =
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