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Interactive Watershed

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Scripting: Embed code from github repository
In ImageJ macro language one can perform a H-Watershed segmentation with the following command:
<source lang{{GitHubEmbed|org="java">hMin mpicbg-scicomp|repo= 500;thresh Interactive-H-Watershed|path= 500;peakFlooding = 80;run("HWatershed", "impin=2DEmbryoSection_Mettescripts/macro_IJ1.tif hmin="+hMin+" thresh="+thresh+" peakflooding="+peakFlooding);</source>ijm}}
In a Jython script the H-Watershed segmentation could be called as follows:
<source lang="python">
#@ImageJ ij
from ij import IJ
imp =IJ.getImage();
hMin = 500
thresh = 500
peakFlooding = 80
result = ij.op().run("HWatershed", imp, hMin, thresh, peakFlooding );
The run commands are also recorded by the macro recorder when exporting a label map.
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