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Upcoming Events

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This is a list of upcoming conferences, courses, and other events in the scientific imaging community. {| class="program" style="font-size: 0.9em"|-!Date!Title!Topic!Location|-| colspan=4 class="section-minor" | Conferences, Meetings, and Symposia|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 April 9-12|Please see [httphttps://wwwforum.focusonmicroscopyimage.orgsc/ Focus on Microscopy 2017]|Advanced multit/upcoming-dimensional light microscopy and image processing|Palais des Congrès de Bordeaux, Convention Center<br>Avenue Jean Gabriel Domergue, 33300<br>Bordeaux, France |-|style="whiteanalysis-space: nowrap"|2017 April 18-21|[http:events// ISBI 2017]|IEEE International Symposium 19912 this list on Biomedical Imaging|Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Melbourne, Australia |-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 July 3-6|[ Microscience Microscopy Congress 2017]|Over 40 topics in both life and physical sciences across all microscopy techniques and disciplines|Manchester Central Convention ComplexManchester, UK|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 Sept 19-21|[ BioImage Informatics Conference 2017]|the Image informatics for the life sciences|Banff CenterBanff, Canada|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 Oct 3-6|[ Seeing is Believing 2017sc Forum]|Imaging the Processes of Life|EMBL HeidelbergHeidelbergupcoming conferences, Germany|-| colspan=4 class="section-minor" | Courses and Workshops|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 March 29 - April 11|style="white-space: normal"|[ Quantitative Imaging: From Acquisition to Analysis]|Advanced quantitative fluorescence microscopy techniques used for imaging a range of biological specimens, from tissues to cells to single molecules|Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 April 3-5|[;8b944efc.1703 Digital Image Analysis with ImageJ]|An intensive 3-day workshop introducing ImageJ, its basic functions, and its macro programming capabilities.| [ Enhanced Neuroimaging Core]<br>[ Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center]<br>Boston, MA, USA|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 May 3-12|style="white-space: normal"|[ Analytical & Quantitative Light Microscopy (AQLM)]|A comprehensive and intensive course in light microscopy for researchers other events in biology, medicine, and material sciences. |Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)Woods Hole, MA, USA|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 May 14-20|style="white-space: normal"|[ EMBL Course for Bioimage Data Analysis]|A course for bioimage analysis. Learn the construction of workflow using ImageJ Macro and MATLAB scripting, from original data down to numbersscientific imaging community. |EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany |-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 June 1-2|[ ImageJ workshops, Leicester, UK]|Introduction to ImageJ/Fiji on Thursday 1st and Writing macros in ImageJ on Friday 2nd of June. |Dr Kees StraatmanUniversity of Leicester, UK|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2017 July 10-14|style="white-space: normal"|[ Summer School on image analysis for plant phenotyping]|a complete overview of image analysis techniques for automatic plantphenotyping, with examples in ImageJ, Fiji, Python, Matlab and other tools. |Wageningen University & ResearchWageningen, Netherlands|}
== Past events ==
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