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Getting started with MaMuT

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Step-wise time browsing and sparse annotations.
MaMuT has step-wise time browsing commands to just do that. The keyboard shortcut to do this are:
\begin{myitemize} \item * {{key press|[}} Jump to the previous time step. \item * {{key press|]}} Jump to the next time step.\end{myitemize}By default, the viewer will jump to time-points multiples of 5: 0, 5, 10, etc. You can set what is the time step in the \smallimg{Icon_TrackMate.png} \textbf{'''Annotation} ''' tab of the main GUI window, under the \textbf{'''Stepwise time browsing} ''' field.
If you are on a time-point not a multiple of the time-step, the next key-press will move to the closest multiple. The goal of these commands is to quickly generate a lineage that extends deeply in time by skipping some frames. But the time-points we reach with these commands are always the same multiples, so the annotated frames are all the same when using the stepwise time browsing.
=== Display settings for tracks. ===
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