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Colour Deconvolution

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{{Infobox Plugin| software = ImageJ| name = Colour Deconvolution| author = Gabriel Landini| filename = [httpComponentStats://] | source = in zip file| released = 30 March 2004 | latest version = 04 February 2007| status = active| category = [[fiji:Category:Colour processing|Colour processing]]| website = []Colour_Deconvolution}} == Purpose == Similarly to the command ''{{bc | Image>| Color>| RGB split''}}, this plugin will split a unmixes an RGB image in produced by subtractive mixing (inks, histological dyes) into separate channelscorresponding to up to 3 determined colors. But it does so even when the channels combined where not red/green/blue, which This is useful e.g. to do pigment separation.
== Documentation ==
See [http Gabriel Landini webpage].
This plugin implement implements the method described in the following paper:
== Version history ==
* 30/Mar/2004 released- based on macro code from A.C. Ruifrok.
* 03/Apr/2004 resolved ROI exiting
* 07/Apr/2004 added Methyl Green DAB vectors
* 02/Nov/2005 changed field names so user-defined colours can be set within macros (DLC - dchao at fhcrc org)
* 04/Feb/2007 1.3 disable popup menu when right clicking
* 23/May/2009 added Feulgen-light green vectors
* 14/Apr/2010 v 1.4 added Giemsa vector (Methylene blue & eosin). The images are now names "title"-(Colour_1) etc so there are not clash of names when using [ ]. The log window now prints the java code of the translation matrix to include new vectors in the plugin. Added "Hide legend" option.
* 22/Jun/2010 v 1.5 added Masson Trichrome vector (Methyl blue & Ponceau Fuchsin only (this does not have Iron Haematoxylin vector!). Fixed bug: check for 0 components before hiding legend (otherwise there was no image shown if legend hidden)
* 26/Mar/2011 v.1.6 added Brilliant_Blue stain.
* 03/Aug/2011 v1.7 added progress bar (thanks to Oskari Jaaskelainen), added warning about immunostains.
* 17/Oct/2015 v 1.8 B. Pavie refactorized the code into multiple classes and made some public method to generate the result ImageStacks without displaying them so it can be called from scripts.
== Menu path ==
{{bc | Image | Color | Colour Deconvolution}}
[[Category:Color processing]]