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Sholl Analysis

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Document Combine profiles command
| source = {{GitHub|org=tferr|repo=ASA}}
| released = December 2012
| latest version = '''3.6.10 12 January 2017'''
| status = Active ({{GitHub|org=tferr|repo=ASA||label=Release Notes}})
| category = [[:Category:Plugins|Plugins]], [[:Category:Analysis|Analysis]], [[:Category:Neuroanatomy|Neuroanatomy]]
== Auxiliary Commands ==
;{{bc|color=white|Analyze|Sholl|Combine Sholl Profiles...}}[[File:CombineShollProfiles.png|400px|thumb|right|Screenshot of 15 files being processed by {{bc|color=white|Analyze|Sholl|Combine Sholl Profiles...}} (v3.6.12)]]
Analysis tool that 1) Merges individual Sholl profiles into a single table and 2) Obtains the average profile (with standard deviation) of a group of cells.
;{{bc|color=white|File|Open Samples|ddaC Neuron}}
:Opens a sample image of a Drosophila class IV ddaC sensory neuron in which dendrites have been previously segmented (2D arbor). Use it to get acquainted with the plugin. Run {{bc|color=white|Image|Show Info...}} (shortcut: {{key press|I}} ) to know more about this cell type.