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2016-05-10 - ImageJ HOWTO - Java 8, Java 6, Java 3D

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| Download the 2015final (2017-DecMay-22 30) [[Fiji/Downloads#Life-Line_Fiji_versionsJava_6|LifeJava-Line 6 version of Fiji]] for your platform. It comes bundled with Java 6, with the Java-8 update site ''disabled''and all platform launchers.
| rowspan=2 | Run [[Updater|{{bc|Help|Update...}}]] to update to the latest Java-6-compatible version. Your Fiji will become outdated over time, stuck on the final Java-6-compatible plugin versions.
| rowspan=2 | Run [[3D Viewer|{{bc|Plugins|3D Viewer}}]] to trigger installation of [[Java 3D]] 1.5 if you need 3D viz.
! [[File:Osx.png|alt=macOS|x32px]]
| Download the 2015final (2017-DecMay-22 30) [[Fiji/Downloads#Life-Line_Fiji_versionsJava_6|LifeJava-Line 6 version of Fiji]] for macOS. It is distributed ''without'' Java, so you must [[Frequently Asked Questions#How_do_I_set_up_Java_6_on_OS_X.3F|install Apple Java 6]] on your system.
* If you have Java 7 and/or Java 8 installed, uninstall them—or else ImageJ will not use your Java 6 installation.
* Afterwards, [[Troubleshooting#Checking_the_Java_version|verify that Fiji is using Java 6]].
** It does not work with Java 8 (or 7?) on some Windows systems.
Please be aware that [[Java 3D]] is essentially a dead technology. The future of 3D visualization in ImageJ is the [[ClearVolume]] and [[ThreeDViewerSciView]] plugins. But it will be a lot of work to rewrite all [[3D Viewer]] functionality, so the ImageJ and Fiji teams are still exploring the best ways to proceed here.
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