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Chromatic shift origins measurement and correction

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add link to PSF J and info how to measure the chromatic shift
"Check with multi-colour beads" at [ Colocalization analysis course notes]
*How to measure the colour channel shidt systematic error?** [ psfJ] from Knop lab can make the measurement.** Use imageJ to do gaussian fits of the bead images and find the shidsts in x y and z. *Now we can use software to fix this systematic error by shifting one image colour channel relative to the other. **Erik M's TransformJ Translate plugin in Fiji/ImageJ to can do a sub pixel resolution shift for for each channel, as we have measured those shifts [ TransformJ Translate]
**Use a nice interpolation method to avoid smashing the information in your images - eg quintic B-spline interpolation
**Or one could imagine a Fourier based method... (using a phase shift?) The Fiji [Stitching_2D/3D]] plugin contains stuff that might do this but its not exposed in the GUIs... so scripting would be required there?