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Jython Scripting

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The recommended setup is the following:
* Edit a file in your favorite text editor, and save it with a an underscore in the name and a .py extension anywhere under ImageJ plugins folder.
* Run Plugins - Scripting - Refresh Jython scripts <b>only</b> the very first time after newly creating the file under any folder or subfolder of ImageJ's plugins folder. A menu item will appear with its name, from which it can be run.
* Keep editing (and saving) the file from your editor. Just select the menu item to execute it over and over. Or use the "Find..." command window to launch it easily (keybinding 'l').
The next time Fiji is run, automatic commands in macros/StartupMacros.txt will setup all your scripts in the Plugins menu.
=== Some limitations of jython ===
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