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2016-05-10 - ImageJ HOWTO - Java 8, Java 6, Java 3D

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Upgrading an old installation: Bio-Formats updates are now being pushed only to the Java-8 update site.
* If you '''still need Java 6, do nothing.'''
** For now, you will keep receiving updates of [[ImageJ 1.x]] and [[Bio-Formats]].
** But you will no longer receive updates for most ImageJ2 or Fiji components—they have all migrated to Java 8.
* If you '''want the latest updates''', [[FAQ#How_do_I_launch_ImageJ_with_a_different_version_of_Java.3F|update your ImageJ installation to use Java 8]] and then [[How to follow a 3rd party update site|enable the Java-8 update site]].
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