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SciJava project summary: Update Fiji maintenance status
* For information on the ''technical'' structure, see [[Architecture]].
* For information on the ''legal'' structure, see [[Licensing]].}}
{{AboutAboutMenu}}The [[ImageJ]] project, and related projects in the [[SciJava]] software ecosystem, are governed as [[open source]] software projects. Everybody is welcome to [[contribute]] with [[plugins]], patches, [[Bugs|bug reports]], [[tutorials]], [[documentation]], and artwork.
That said, every project needs leaders: the ones who participate in ''governance'' of the project, [[wikipedia:Software maintenance|maintaining]] the software and making key decisions.
=== SciJava team roles ===
Projects in the [[Architecture|SciJava software stackcomponent collection]] define each component's '''team''' as the group of people who take ''responsibility'' for it. The following roles formalize the ways people are pledged to help:
{| class="wikitable nicetable"
| rowspan=3 style="vertical-align: middle" | {{Logo | Fiji}}
| '''[[Fiji]]'''
| {{Person|Schindelin}}<br>{{Person|Albertcardona}}| {{Person|Rueden}}<br>{{Person|SchindelinTomancak}}<sup>2</sup>| {{Person|Rueden}}<br>| {{Person|SchindelinRueden}}<sup>2</supbr>Gabriella Turek
| [ List on GitHub]
| See [[Contributors]]
| '''[[SLIM Curve]]'''
| Paul Barber<br>{{Person|Rueden}}
| Paul Barber<sup>32</sup><br>{{Person|Rueden}}<sup>32</sup>
| {{Person|Msagar}}<br>{{Person|Rueden}}
| [ List on GitHub]
| {{Person|Rueden}}<br>{{Person|Eliceiri}}
| {{Person|Linkert}}
| {{Person|Linkert}}<br>{{Person|RuedenSbesson}}<sup>4</sup>
| [ List on GitHub]
| See [ OME Contributors]
| '''[[CellProfiler]]'''
| {{Person|Leek}}<br>Anne Carpenter
| {{Person|Leek0x00B1}}| {{Person|Leek0x00B1}}
| [ List on GitHub]
| See [[Contributors]]
<sup>1</sup> Pietzsch leads on day to day issues. Pietzsch, Preibisch and Saalfeld vote on primary decisions, with Pietzsch's vote breaking ties.
<br><sup>2</sup> Schindelin is currently on sabbatical from Fiji; see [ this thread on fiji-devel].<br><sup>3</sup> Barber leads development of the {{GitHub | org=slim-curve | repo=slim-curve | label=SLIM Curve C library}}; Rueden leads development of the {{GitHub | org=slim-curve | repo=slim-plugin | label=SLIM Curve plugin for ImageJ}}.<br><sup>4</sup> Rueden maintains the Bio-Formats [[update site]] for ImageJ, but is not otherwise a Bio-Formats maintainer.
== Further reading ==
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