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Max Inscribed Circles

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Description of newest implementation
[[File:Max_largest_circ_dialog2.png |400px|thumb|right|Plugin Dialog choices]]
== Details ==
As of July 26th 2016, the plugins has been rewritten with a new algorithm to make it run much faster, described in the image.
[[File:Max-Circles-Algorithm-Overview.png|400px|thumb|right|Faster implementation details]]
The previous implementation would calculate a distance map, then find the max value, place a circle and repeat. This was making it very slow for small circle diameters or large images as it needed to make one distance map calculation per circle on the whole image.
By using a Local Maxima Finder, we can draw multiple circles on a single pass, provided that these are
# The largest distances on the distance map image
# Not overlapping with one another