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2016-05-10 - ImageJ HOWTO - Java 8, Java 6, Java 3D

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Add notes about Java-8 update site, and Java 3D
| colspan=5 | See the [ ImageJ 1.x downloads page] for instructions.
== About the Java-8 update site ==
Right now, the <code>Java-8</code> update site includes the latest Java-8 versions of all core ImageJ '''and''' Fiji components. Later, we will migrate these components to the core <code>ImageJ</code> and <code>Fiji</code> update sites, respectively, so that users can choose between "plain" ImageJ2 (lighter weight without "plugin bloat") and Fiji (with "more parts on the table").
== About Java 3D ==
* Java 3D 1.6 requires Java 7 or newer. Hence, we ship it '''on the Java-8 update site only'''.
* Java 3D 1.5 works with Java 6, but:
** It has a restrictive license.
** It does not work Java 7 or 8 on OS X.
** It does not work with Java 8 (or 7?) on some Windows systems.
Please be aware that Java 3D is essentially a dead technology. The future of 3D visualization in ImageJ is the [[ClearVolume]] plugin. But we still need to do some work to rebuild the [[3D Viewer]] on top of ClearVolume.
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