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Op Finder

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= Views =
There is a lot of information surrounding Ops. One goal of the Op Finder is to present this information in a way that can be easily understood. To facilitate this, multiple views are available, tailoring the content of the Op Finder to a particular audience. 
== For Users ==
Ops in this view are focused on answering the question "What can I do ''right now'' with Ops?" The following guidelines are used to create this list:
* Only Ops directly involving images are displayed
* Parameter types are generalized
* Optional parameters are hidden
{{Warning|This view does not provide an accurate representations of real Ops e.g., one entry could be many Ops merged together. For reproducibility, Ops should be referenced specifically, in a [[#Code Snippets|script]] or plugin.}}
== For Developers ==
* Details pane open by default
* Precise Op signature
* Optional parameters are shown
* Referring class is shown
= Things to do =
== Filtering ==
TODO fuzzy, no namespaces
== Running Ops ==
How does the play button work?
== Copy and Paste ==TODO how does the play button work?
== Code Snippets ==
TODO take a code snippet and turn it into a script, step-by-step
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