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Morphological Segmentation

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add note about image type sensitivity on the tolerance parameter
* '''Tolerance''': dynamic of intensity for the search of regional minima (in the extended-minima transform, which is the regional minima of the H-minima transform, value of h). Increasing the tolerance value reduces the number of segments in the final result, while decreasing its value produces more object splits.
: <b><span style="color:#f80000">Note</span></b>: since the tolerance is an intensity parameter, it is sensitive to the input image type. A tolerance value of 10 is a good starting point for 8-bit images (with 0-255 intensity range) but it should be drastically increased when using image types with larger intensity ranges. For example to ~2000 when working on a 16-bit image (intensity values between 0 and 65535).
* '''Calculate dams''': un-check this option to produce segmentations without watershed lines.
* '''Connectivity''': voxel connectivity (4-8 in 2D, and 6-26 in 3D). Selecting non-diagonal connectivity (4 or 6) usually provides more rounded objects.
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