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How do I remove a file from my update site?: Further clarify unshadowing vs deleting
An update site is a [[wikipedia:Revision control|revision control]] system where nothing is ever really deleted from the history.
Hence, there are two levels of removal:  * marking a file '''obsoleteObsolete'''effectively deletes it from the update site, and but preserves the file's history. This is the most common method of removing a file from an update site.* '''deleting Deleting a file completely from the history'''is sometimes necessary e.g., for legal or privacy reasons. The practical effects in both cases are the same:the file in question is no longer served by the update site.
=== Marking a file obsolete ===
You can mark any file previously uploaded as obsolete. This will The steps vary slightly depending on if this file is hosted on another update site ('''shadowing''') or not delete old versions . ==== Unshadow a file ====The process of marking the file, but obsolete will ensure anyone updating automatically revert it to the latest version of your shadowed update site will no longer download that file's version# Start the [[Updater|updater]] and click the ''Advanced mode'' button.# If Select the ''View files of the file is not hosted by any other active update '[your site, delete it from your local installationname here]''' option. Note: if the file # Right click and choose "'''isMark obsolete (unshadowing)''' hosted on another update site, this is called " for the file.# Click "'''shadowingApply changes (upload)'''—you do " to finalize the unshadowing. ==== Delete a file ====If the file is not hosted by any other active update site you need to tell the updater to delete the file as marking it obsolete will revert it to : # Delete the other update site's version.file locally
# Start the [[Updater|updater]] and click the ''Advanced mode'' button.
# Select the ''View files of the '[your site name here]''' option.
# '''NB:''' If you deleted The updater will see the file in step 1, is missing and automatically flag it will be marked "'''Install it'''" automatically by the updater—right . You need to right-click the file and change it to "'''Keep as-is'''". See [[#Why don't I have an upload option?|Why don't I have an upload option?]] below for an explanation.# Right -click the deleted file again and choose "'''Mark obsolete'''" for the deleted file.# Upload Click "'''Apply changes (upload)'''" to finalize the changesdeletion.
=== Deleting a file completely from the history ===
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