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Sholl Analysis

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Obtaining Profiles from Tracings
=== Obtaining Profiles from Tracings ===
#Load tracings (typically a .swc or a .traces file) into [[Simple_Neurite_Tracer:_Basic_Instructions|Simple Neurite Tracer]]. Note that .swc files created by any other software (such as [[#Related Resources|Neuromantic]]) can also be used. If needed, [[#Related Resources|L-measure]] can be used to convert proprietary file formats such as the ones generated by Neurolucida® (MicroBrightField, Inc.).
#Retrieve the linear Sholl profile by following these [[Simple_Neurite_Tracer:_Sholl_analysis|instructions]].#Export ''detailed data'' (.csv file) (. Note that any tab or comma delimited text file (.csv or .txt) can also be used.#Locate the profile generated by a previous run of the plugin or by SNT. #Run {{bc|color=white|Analysis|Sholl|Sholl Analysis (Tabular Data)...}} and indicate the file to be analyzed. Note that you can drag & drop .csv and .txt files into the main ImageJ window, import data from the clipboard, or use data from any other table already opened by ImageJ. [[#Batch Processing|Batch processing]] is also [[#Batch Analysis of Tabular Data|possible]].
=== Parameters for Tabular Data ===