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Sholl Analysis

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To use it:
#Locate the profile generated by a previous run of the plugin or by SNT. Note that any tab or comma delimited text file (.csv or .txt) can be used.
#Run the plugin while holding {{key pressbc|color=white|Analysis|Sholl|AltSholl Analysis (Tabular Data)...}}'''Nand indicate the file to be analyzed.BNote that you can drag & drop .csv and .txt files into the main ImageJ window, or import data from the clipboard.''' [[#Batch Processing|Batch processing]] of tabular data is also [[#Batch Analysis of Tabular Data|possible]]. Alternatively, you can drag & drop .csv and .txt files into the main ImageJ window or use <span style="border-bottom:1px dotted #ccc;">File▷ Import▷ Results...</span> If the table to be analyzed already exists in a separated window, right-click on it, choose ''Rename'' and rename it to ''Results''. This will automatically transfer its data into the ImageJ Results table.
=== Obtaining Profiles from Tracings ===