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Sholl Analysis

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== Metrics ==
Morphometric descriptors and other properties of the arbor are printed to a dedicated table named ''Sholl Results''. Listed values can be displayed in scientific notation and with the precision specified in <span styleOutput is fully customizable using {{bc|color="border-bottom:1px dotted #cccwhite|Analysis|Sholl|Metrics &amp;">Analyze▷ Set MeasurementsOptions...}} or using the ''Options...</span> '' command in the ''More»'' drop-down menu. The first columns log analysis parameters: ''Image Directory'' and ''filename '' and ''voxel unit'', ''Lower'' and ''Upper Threshold levels'', ''X,Y'' (in pixels) and ''Z'' (slice number) coordinates of center of analysis, ''Starting'' and ''Ending radius'', ''Radius step'', ''Number of Samples per Radius'', etc. Other parameters are described below.
[[File:BitmapSholl-Table.png|100%|center|Descriptors and metrics are listed in the Sholl Table (v2.4)]]
;Intersecting radii
:The number of sampling radii intersecting the arbor at least once.
[[ File:ShollOptionsPrompt.png|350px|right |Metrics &amp; Options prompt (version 3.6.0)]]
;Sum of intersections (''Sum inters.'')<span id="Sum"></span>