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Sholl Analysis

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;Python example: Display only the main ''[[#Metrics|Sholl Table]]'', ignoring remaining outputs
<source lang="python">
import sholl.Sholl_Analysis as sa
sa.setNoPlots(True) # Exclude plots from output
sa.setNoTable(True) # Exclude detailed table from output
;Java/BeanShell example: Display plots without annotations
<source lang="java">
import sholl.Sholl_Analysis;Sholl_Analysis.setPlotLabels(true) ; // Exclude plot labels
;IJ macro language example: Exclude plots and reduce the number of discretization steps involved in the calculation of [[#MeanValueOfFunction|Nav]], and [[#CriticalValue|Cv]], [[#CriticalRadius|Cr]]:
<source lang="java">
call("sholl.Sholl_Analysis.setNoPlots", "true"); // Exclude plots from outputcall("sholl.Sholl_Analysis.setPrecision", "100"); // Default is 1000, ie, 1/1000 of radius step size
Note that the IJM built-in [ call("class.method")] function can only pass strings to Java methods. For this reason, you have to quote the passed argument. <tt>Sholl_Analysis</tt> will then parse the string argument and interpreter its value.