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TrackMate version history

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06/09/2019 - v4.0.1
* We really do not relaunch TrackScheme automatically when loading a TrackMate file.
== 12/04/2016 - v3.2.0 ==
* TrackMate can now be called from an IJ macro.
Only a subset of TrackMate features can be used, though. Right now, only the LoG detector and the Simple LAP tracker are used. But for instance, you can call TrackMate with the following syntax:
<pre>run('TrackMate', "use_gui=false "
+ "save_to=[/Users/tinevez/Desktop/TrackMateSaveTest.xml] "
+ "export_to=[/Users/tinevez/Desktop/TrackMateExportTest.xml] "
+ "display_results=true "
+ "radius=2.5 "
+ "threshold=50.1 "
+ "subpixel=false "
+ "median=false "
+ "channel=1 "
+ "max_frame_gap=0" )</pre>
If you need other detectors and trackers, you have to rely on Python for now. [[Scripting_TrackMate]]
* Several TrackScheme improvements:
** The row and column headers are now properly displayed and resized when zooming.
** TrackScheme can be navigated with the keyboard:
*** The numeric keypad is used to pan around.
*** +/- zoom in/out.
** Better navigation with mouse:
*** Hold space and drag to pan, as in ImageJ.
*** Hold space + mousewheel to zoom in/ out.
== 23/03/2017 - v3.5.0 ==
* The '''Recalculate features''' action now recomputes all features.
And if a Controller instance is provided, the analyzers declared in the GUI are used to recompute the features. This is useful if a file was saved before new feature analyzers were added.
* GUI tweaks.
* Allow spot detection on images with a discontinuous ShapeRoi.
If the current ROI is an ij.gui.ShapeRoi, we use this to filter the spot detections in each frame. For other cases, we keep the settings.polygon for backward compatibility. Contributed by Jan Eglinger.
* Switch from Jenkins to Travis CI.
By Curtis Rueden.
* The Extract track stack action can capture 3D stacks.
* Fix Kalman tracker bug for empty first frames.
The Kalman tracker was unable to process if the first two frames contained zero spots.
Noted by Hadrien Mary.
* Fix improper image factory for very large images.
Noted by Christian Tischer.
== 25/06/2018 - v3.8.0 ==
* As advised by @ctrueden: do not use java.awt.Robot for capture, but instead directly paint into a BufferedImage. The capture is now much quicker (as fast as painting, no need to wait), more robust, and the code as fewer lines as well. It is so perfect that I wonder why I could not think of this before.
* Set the calibration properly, even if this is a capture.
* And give a better title to the imp.
== 06/09/2019 - v4.0.1 ==
* Properly use the ManualDetectorFactory in scripts: does not crash nor remove existing spots.
* Display the true plugin version on the GUI. It was displaying 3.8.0 but we were on 4.0.0 for quite some time.
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