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__NOTOC__{{Development DevelopMenu | tutorials}}If you create a useful extension of ImageJ—e.g., a [[plugin]], [[script]] or [[macro]]—the next step is to ''distribute'' it to others, including:
* '''Distribute''' the extension itself to users
* Share the extension's '''source code'''
** Host it on '''[[GitHub]]'''.
** Use '''[[Maven]]''' to build and SemVer for '''[[versioning]]'''.
** Use '''[[Travis]]''' for continuous integration and artifact deployment to the [[SciJava Maven repository]].
* '''Documentation.'''
** Create a page here on the '''[ ImageJ Wiki]'''.
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* '''[[How to set up and populate an update site| Create your update site]]''', then '''[[How to set up and populate an update site#Uploading_files_to_your_update_site|upload your extension to it]]'''.
* You may add your update site to the list of built-in sites by editing the '''[[list of update sites]]{{ListOfUpdateSites}}''' page.
* To release a new version, '''[[How to set up and populate an update site#Uploading_files_to_your_update_site|upload it to the update site]]'''.
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* You can lean on existing tools and documentation to maintain '''[[reproducible builds|reproducibility]]''' of your project.
* Your project will always be compatible with the latest Fiji distribution.
* The ImageJ '''[[JenkinsTravis]]''' server automatically tests your project for errors, deploying successful builds to the [[SciJava Maven repository]].
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* You must abide by the '''[[Fiji contribution requirements]]'''.
* No easy submission of patches.
* No finding the code in web searches.
* No revision control systemreading the change logs to understand why changes were made.* No revision control system!studying the history to better understand the project's activity.* No bisecting the history to track down when bugs were introduced.* No safety net to revert unwanted changes or avoid lost work.* No branching to maintain multiple development trajectories.* No easy switching between versions.* No automatic credit and tracking of which authors did which work.* No distribution and backup of the project's development history.
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