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Writing plugins

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Other plugins
A brief list of some of the more useful plugin types to extend:
* [[Ops]] provide a reusable set of image processing algorithms.
* [[Adding_new_file_formats|Image formats]] allow new types of images to be opened in ImageJ.
* {{GitHub|org=scijava|repo=scijava-common|tag=scijava-common-2.47.0|source=org/scijava/convert/|label=Converters}} allow the framework to interchange types, outside of normal Java class hierarchy restrictions.
* {{GitHub|org=scijava|repo=scijava-common|tag=scijava-common-2.47.0|source=org/scijava/module/process/|label=Input Preprocessors}} give you control over the population of <code>@Parameters</code>.
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