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Upcoming Events

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This is an list of upcoming conferences, courses, and other events in the field of microscopy and image analysis. {| class="program"|-|style="vertical-align: bottom;"|'''Date'''|style="vertical-align: bottom;"|'''Title'''|style="vertical-align: bottom;"|'''Topic'''|style="vertical-align: bottom;"|'''Location'''|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Jan 13-15|[ Quantitative Bioimaging (QBI) 2016]|Analysis of bioimaging datasets|Delft, Netherlands|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Feb 20-23|Please see [https://confforum.abrfimage.orgsc/abrf-2016 ABRF 2016]|Innovative imaging technologies: instrumentation, reagents, methods, etc.|Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Apr 5-18|[http:t// Quantitative Imaging: From Cells to Molecules]|Course in quantitative image acquisition and computational -analysis for light microscopy|Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCold Spring Harbor, NY, USA|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Apr 13-16|[http:events// International Symposium 19912 this list on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI)]|Biomedical imaging|Clarion Congress HotelPrague, Czech Republic|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 May 4-13|[ Analytical & Quantitative Light Microscopy (AQLM) 2016]|Comprehensive course in light microscopy for researchers|Marine Biological Labs (MBL)Woods Hole, MA, USA|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 May 20-27|[ Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy 2016]|One-week course covering principles in fluorescence imaging in living cells|MDI Biological LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME, USA|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Aug 31-Sep 3|[ Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Conference 2016]|Light Sheet Microscopy, the Image Analysis and Big Data Challenges|Sheffield, UK|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Sep 7-17|[ Optical Microscopy & Imaging in the Biomedical Sciencessc Forum]|Comprehensive course in microscopy techniques|Marine Biological Labs (MBL)Woods Hole, MA, USA|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Sep 29-30|[ 3rd international Workshop on Image-based Systems Biology]|Workshop focusing on automated acquisiton and analysis of high-content screening|HKI-Center for Systems Biology of InfectionJenaupcoming conferences, Germany|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Oct 9-19|[ Computational Image Analysis in Cellular , and Developmental Biology]|Comprehensive course other events in image analysis|Marine Biological Labs (MBL)Woods Hole, MA, USA|-|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Oct 10-12|[http://www.bii.a-star.eduthe scientific imaging BioImage Informatics Conference]|Bio-image informatics|Bioinformatics Institute, A*STARSingapore|}
== Past events ==
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