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Elastic Alignment and Montage

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Parameter Discussion: Fix link to Person template (Albert Cardona)
:The plugins export their output as a file or a series of files respectively. In addition, previously extracted [[Feature Extraction|local features]] and [[Feature Extraction|feature correspondences]] are saved for later re-use during parameter triggering (thanks to {{Person:|Albertcardona}} for adding this). Make sure that you work in a clear folder when changing the input data because both saved matches and features are identified by their stack index and parameters only.
:You can choose whether to '''interpolate''' the result or not. '''Visualize''' checked will render the spring mesh simulation into a 512×512 pixel stack for demonstration purposes. The result is rendered using a transform mesh similar to the spring mesh discussed above. The parameter '''resolution''' specifies the number of vertices in a long row for this mesh, higher numbers give smoother results. Usually, you will never need more than '''128'''. Optionally, the result can be '''rendered as RGB with green background''' to explicitly mark empty background pixels e.g. when generating montages for successive series alignment.
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