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| software = ImageJ
| logo = [[File:imagej1-icon.png|96px]]
| author = Wayne {{Person|Rasband}}| maintainer = Wayne {{Person|Rasband}}<br>{{Person|Schindelin}}<br>{{Person|Rueden}}
| source = {{GitHub | org = imagej | repo = imagej1}}
| status = stable, active
| category =
}}ImageJ 1.x, often shortened to ImageJ1 or IJ1, is a stable version of [[ImageJ]] which has been under continuous development since 1997. It has always been, and continues to be, a one-developer project of Wayne {{Person|Rasband}}.
ImageJ was originally developed in 1997 as a cross-platform version of [[NIH Image]]. ImageJ grew organically over time as Wayne {{Person|Rasband }} continued to add features according to user requests. Now there are many hundreds, probably thousands, of plugins written by members of a diverse community.
The current version of ImageJ is often referred to as [[ImageJ2]], to differentiate it from ImageJ 1.x. The ImageJ2 distribution actually includes the latest version of ImageJ1 as well, along with a {{GitHub|org=imagej|repo=imagej-legacy|label=legacy layer}} for backwards compatibility, which transparently converts between IJ1 and IJ2 data structures as needed.
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