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Downloading and Building Fiji From Source

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{{Development | fijiFijiMenu}}The complete Fiji distribution of ImageJ consists of over a hundred individual components. Most of these components are ImageJ [[plugins]]; the rest are core libraries, [[scripts]], the ImageJ [[launcher]] and several other resources (such as the [[:File:Fiji-icon.png|Fiji logo]] and the README).
In the past, Fiji used to be built from one monolithic source code repository, which became unmanageable over the time. These days, therefore, developers start from a fully-populated '''' directory and build only the parts they would like to change.
= Download Fiji =
The first step is the same for developers as it is for users: [[Downloads|Download]] Fiji, and unpack it. The Desktop is the recommended location.
= Install Java =
The next step is to install [ OpenJDK 8]. You will need a JDK in order to develop Java code.
= Check out and build individual plugins/libraries =
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