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Register Virtual Stack Slices

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<p>This plugin takes a list of image slices stored in a folder, and delivers a list of registered image slices (with enlarged canvas).</p>
<p>This howto describes the uses of the "Register Virtual Stack Slices" plugin in Fiji for the purpose of registering the slices of a stack. The plugin uses any translation, rigid (translation+rotation), similarity (translation+rotation+isotropic scaling), affine, elastic (via bUnwarpJ with B-splines) or moving least squares transformation model, aided by automatically extracted SIFT features.</p> 
<p><b>Premises</b>:<br />
<p>Images may have different dimensions and be of different type.</p>
<p><b>Step 0</b>: <a href="">Install Fiji,</a> and launch it.</p>
<p><b>Step 1</b>: launch the "Plugins - Registration - Register Virtual Stack Slices" plugin</p>
<p><b>Step 2</b>: choose the appropriate options:<br />
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