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Developing ImageJ in Eclipse

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Add cleanup shortcuts.
For Mac, replace {{Key|Ctrl}} with {{Key|Cmd}}
* {{Key|ShiftCtrl}}+{{Key|CtrlShift}}+{{Key|T}}: find objects
* {{Key|Ctrl}}+{{Key|1}}: quick fix
* {{Key|F3}}: jump to class (to edit the code, see [[Architecture#Using_snapshot_couplings_during_development|snapshot coupling]])
* {{Key|Ctrl}}+{{Key|T}}: shows all implementations of interface or class
* {{Key|Alt}}+{{Key|Up}} or {{Key|Alt}}+{{Key|Down}}: move lines up or down
Cleaning up
* {{Key|Ctrl}}+{{Key|Shift}}+{{Key|O}}: organize imports
* {{Key|Ctrl}}+{{Key|Shift}}+{{Key|F}}: format code (BUT make sure you set the [[Coding_style#Eclipse_code_style_profiles|coding style]])
* {{Key|Alt}}+{{Key|Shift}}+{{Key|S}} {{Key|U}}: clean up (does format and much more)
* {{Key|Alt}}+{{Key|Shift}}+{{Key|R}}: refactor rename