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BioVoxxel Toolbox

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| software = ImageJ / Fiji
| name = BioVoxxel Toolbox
| author = Jan Brocher, Thorsten Wagner
| website = []
| maintainer = Jan Brocher
| latest version = 0211. July August 2015
| source =[ BioVoxxel Plugins], [ BioVoxxel Toolset]
| category = [[:Category:Particle analysis|Particle analysis]], [[:Category:Binary|Binary]], [[:Category:Filtering|Filtering]]
Status: maintenance active
15Thanks to Thorsten Wagner which provided the ij-0510: thanks blobs library as basis and the idea to integrate convexity as a second parameter to Jan Eglinger make the function scale invariant and Wayne Rasband works with stacks, bugfix regarding results table handling, no invalid number dialog when number field is emptymore flexible.
Future: other erosion algorithms will potentially be included to improve the watershedding