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Coloc 2

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Give macro hint.
This list is for more random, vague or uncertain ideas, which are not yet well enough thought through to be adequately defined as solvable issues in the tracker on
# Running as macro command in a loop, need to use macro commands to save the IJ.log window results, then clear the log window before the next set of results are sent there. Add words to documentation to explain that.Should test if this kind of thing works using string concatenation tobconstruct the long string of coloc_2 parameters. Perhaps better to do it in python or beanshell.  "This kind of macro will prompt you for a directory and get you a list of all files inthat directory, stored in an array called 'files' (or whatever arbitraryname you choose):  You can then refer to consecutive files using consecutive numbers in thearray index, e.g.: files[0] and files[1].Use a for loop to go through the entire list:   dir = getDirectory(); files = getFileList(dir); for(i = 0; i < files.length - 1; i++){ open(dir + files[i]); open(dir + files[i+1]); Split channels run(Coloc_2, "i-ch1, i-ch2, etc....") Close opened images Save ij.log Clear ij.log }"
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