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Colocalization Analysis

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Why scatter plots instead of colour merge images?: update text to reflect new spirals image colours
Most people might think that the image contains 4 distinct colours prominent spirals are in shades of red and green, with yellow-green and blueyellow spirals in between, but they the yellow and yellow-green actually have <b>exactly the same color!</b> You can verify this yourself by calling File>Open Samples>[[Spirals (Macro)]] in Fiji.
So... now, how do you feel about determining colocalization by looking for yellow blobs? Doesn't make much sense does it? You need to measure something, not simply subjectively "look at" a red/green colour merge image.
An even beter better reason to always look at scatterplots / 2D histograms / cytofluorograms is that they actually show the thing you are looking for and talking about - the correlation (or not) between the intensities of the 2 colour channels of the pixels over space.
== A sample dataset ==