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Coloc 2

35 bytes added, 13:51, 29 July 2015
To Do List: update bug status
# Running as macro need a method / GUI parameter to make the PDF file output saved without user interaction.
# Running as macro command in a loop, need to use macro commands to save the IJ.log window results, then clear the log window before the next set of results are sent there. Add words to documentation to explain that.
# Fixed in chalkie666 github repo trivial bug: ## if 2D histogram regression finds a y intercept that is below zero it gives the too high warning "Warning! y-intercept high - The absolute y-intercept of the auto threshold regression line is high.
Maybe you should use a ROI, maybe do a background subtraction in both channels"
So should change warning text to too high or too low depending on if its positive or negative.