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Coloc 2

157 bytes added, 02:42, 27 July 2015
To Do List: tidy up logic in TODO list part 2, with reference to the actual Classes involved.
1. Add Tests and implementation for %Colocalization by intensity and pixels(or voxels) wrt each channel, as per the depreciated Colocalization Threshold plugin - force use of a ROI or mask, as only then do these measures make sense. Add docs for this.
2. numerical results and image stats are currently spewed into the IJ.log window. This is done separately from the way results are put into the simple results display window or the PDF output. So there three differently formatted results outputs with different stuff in them. Different ResultsHandler implementations like PDF or Simple can and do show a different selection of results. This is over complicated, so it should be made into one thing, that outputs the same numerical results and stats values, in the same order in the all ResultsHander implementations ( GUI displayand PDF output, and also the IJ.log and the PDF output. Can reuse the PDF or simple results display results text ValueResults class for all threeby doing the same thing in each ".
3. Missing Feature: On the 2D histogram in the PDF, the regression line is absent