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Shape Filter

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| software = ImageJ/Fiji
| name = Shape Filter Plugin
| author = Thorsten Wagner{{Person|Twagner}}| maintainer = Thorsten Wagner ({{Person|Twagner}}
| filename = shape_filter_x.y.z.jar [ [1]]
| source = Github [ [2]]
| latest version = v1.4.2.1 (16 Jul 201514 July 2016)
| status = active
== General Description ==
The ImageJ Shape Filter Plugin uses use the [ [ij-blob]] library to characterize and filter objects in binary scenes by its shape. Therefore, several features are calculated as shown below.[[File:Ridge Detection ParametersShape Filter GUI.png|150px200px|thumb]] If you like to cite the Shape Filter plugin in a scientific publication, please cite: Wagner, T and Lipinski, H 2013. IJBlob: An ImageJ Library for Connected Component Analysis and Shape Analysis. Journal of Open Research Software 1(1):e6, DOI:  == Shape Features ==
* '''Area''' (<math>A</math>): The area enclosed by the outer contour of an object.
* '''Feret Diameter''': The maximum distance between the two parallel tangents touching the particle outline in all directions.
* '''Min. Feret Diameter''': the minimum distance between the two parallel tangents touching the particle outline in all directions.
* '''Max. Inscr. Circle Diameter''': The diameter of the maximum inscribed circle.* '''Area eq. circle diameter''': Equivalent circle diameter <math>2\sqrt{\frac{A}{\pi}}</math>* '''Long Side Minimum Bounding Rectangle'''(<math>L</math>): The larger side of the minimum bounding rectangle.* '''Short Side Minimum Bounding Rectangle'''(<math>S</math>): The smaller side of the minimum bounding rectangle.
* '''Aspect Ratio''': Defined as <math>L/S</math>
* '''Area to Perimeter Ratio''': Defined as <math>A/P</math>
* '''Thinnes Ratio''': Inverse proportional to the circularity. Furthermore it normed. It is defined as <math>4\pi A/P^{2}</math>
* '''Contour Temperatur''': It has a strong relationship to the fractal dimension, defined as <math>\left(log_{2}\left(\frac{2P}{P-H}\right)\right)^{-1}</math>
* F'''ractal Orientation''': The orientation of the major axis from in grad (measured counter clockwise from the positive x axis).* '''Fractal Box Dimension''': Estimated fractal dimension by the box count algorithm. The default box-sizes are “2,3,4,6,8,12,16,32,64”.
=Installation= Other test===You could simply use our update site "{{ListOfUpdateSites|Biomedgroup}}" to install the shape filter plugin.
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