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BioVoxxel Toolbox

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| maintainer = Jan Brocher
| latest version = 0702. March July 2015
| source =[ BioVoxxel Plugins], [ BioVoxxel Toolset]
| category = [[:Category:Particle analysis|Particle analysis]], [[:Category:Binary|Binary]], [[:Category:Filtering|Filtering]]
=EDM Erosion and EDM DilationBinary Operations=
Purpose: The standard binary erosion and dilation suffers from the artefact that under higher iteration cycles the binary structures get irregularly deformed (see image below, second column). The EDM based methods for erosion and dilation prevent these artifacts. The method is using thresholding on a 8-bit euclidean distance map of the original image to facilitate the binary erosion or , dilation, opening and closing.
How to: The number of erosion/dilation cycled iterations determines how many rows of pixels should often the chosen function will be eliminated/added applied to the binary featuresimage.
Form: macroplugin (with preview, recordable)
Status: works only on 2D imagesstacks now, maintenance active
Future: suggestions are welcome!