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BioVoxxel Toolbox

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Extended Particle Analyzer
How to: Key in minimal and maximal exclusion values connected with a hyphen. You can use integers as well as numbers containing decimal places. "Redirect" redirects the analysis to a grayscale image which enables to analyze skewness, kurtosis as well as the new measure coefficient of variance (cov). The option "Keep borders (correction)" eliminates particles from 2 edges and keeps particles touching the two borders of choice. This corrects the particle count for edge touching particles.
Tipp: use the "Shape Descriptor Maps" macro to figure out possible cut-off value combinations for your analysis which you can then use in the Extended Particle Analyzer.
Shape descriptors which are not available under "Analyze Particles..." in IJ or Fiji so far are:
Form: plugin (recordable, uses smart recording)
Status: Maintenance active '''The Advanced Particle Analyzer is deprecated but still available as macro under the BioVoxxel Toolbox dropdown menu(current version: 2.''' 5.0)
Suggestions are welcome!