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| software = ImageJFiji
| name = MaMuT
| logo = [[Image:MaMuT logo-256x256.png|160px]]
| maintainer = [[User:{{Person|JeanYvesTinevez|Jean-Yves Tinevez]]}}| author = [[User:{{Person|JeanYvesTinevez|Jean-Yves Tinevez]]}}, [[User:Pietzsch{{Person|Tobias Pietzsch]]}}
| source = {{GitHub | org=fiji | repo=MaMuT}}
| status = v0.1527.0, active
| released = 06/01/2015
| category = [[:Category:Segmentation|Segmentation]], [[:Category:Tracking|Tracking]], [[:Category:Plugins]]
== Publication. ==
* {{Publication | MaMuT}}
== Presentation. ==
[[File:MaMuT presentation.png|600px]]
The main window resembles the display panel of [[TrackMate]]. It controls how the annotations are displayed. Using the ''MaMuT Viewer'' button, several views of the data can be launched. They will all be in sync. Each of them is an instance of the [[BigDataViewer]].
[[File:MaMuT WindowsInSync.png]]
We privileged annotations that are like lineages, or object followed over time (which is what [[TrackMate]] does). MaMuT ships [[TrackScheme]], the lineage browser taken from TrackMate.
[[File:MaMuT WithTrackScheme.png]]
However, MaMuT itself does not ship any fully-automated or tracking algorithm. It is meant for manual or semi-automatic annotation. Still, we made the GUI comfortable enough so that you can quickly generate rather large annotations. A semi-automated segmentation can help you generating quickly lineage branches from single cells.
[[File:MaMuT LargeAnnotationsQuickly.png]]
== User documentation. ==
The following pages are tutorials that will guide you through MaMuT and walk you though its features.
* [[Getting started with MaMuT]] is an introduction tutorial. It will show you how to prepare a dataset for MaMuT and make your first annotations with it.
* [[Example file]] contains an example of a <tt></tt> file, that is used to customize the key-bindings in the MaMuT viewer.
== Developer documentation. ==
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