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#REDIRECT The [ Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation] is an interdisciplinary biophotonics laboratory at the [ University of Wisconsin-Madison]. LOCI plays a very active role in the ImageJ community:* LOCI launched the [[ImageJ2]], [[SCIFIO]] and [[SciJava Common]] projects, and continues to drive their development.* LOCI developers maintain the [[Fiji]] project.* LOCI founded the [[Bio-Formats]] project. LOCI is a partner of the [ Open Microscopy Environment consortium], as well a founding member of the [ SciJava initiative]. == See also ==* [[User:Rueden|Curtis Rueden]]* [[User:Hinerm|Mark Hiner]]* [[User:Schindelin|Johannes Schindelin]]* The [[User:LOCI|LOCIupdate site]]
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