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Developing Fiji

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== Contributing ==
Please make sure that you are have a little familiar with [[Git mini howto|Git]], or you can learn basic git knowledge interactively with [ GitHub]. Once you are, you can easily make a local 'look at the excellent 'contrib'' branch and [[Git mini howto#Contributing|push it]]. === Forking on GitHub ===Alternatively, you can make an account for yourself on GitHub and fork fiji.git: # create an account on [ GitHub]# Fork {{GitHub|repo=fiji|label=Fiji}}:: [[Image:GitHub-fork.png]]# clone it If you already worked in an existing checkout of ''fiji.git'', no problem, you can connect that to the new remote: # '''git remote add github<user>/fiji''' (where ''<user>'' is your account on GitHub)# '''git config branch.<branch>.remote github''' (where "<branch>" is the branch you want to connect to GitHub, typically ''master'')# '''git config branch.<branch>.merge refs/heads/<branch>'''# '''git push github <branch>''' to push the current state === Contributing to Fiji's existing plugins === Sometimes you may want How to contribute to Fiji's an existing plugins, for example, a bug is found in one plugin and you want to fix it, or you would like to improve one plugin by adding more functions. '''Every plugin has its own git repository in {{GitHub|org=fiji|repo=|label=Fiji}}'''. For example, the GraphCut plugin's repository is {{GitHub|org=fiji|repo=Graph_Cut|label=GraphCut}}. This structure allows for easy, independent development of the individual parts of which the base version of Fiji consists. To contribute to Fiji's GraphCut plugin:# ''' Fork that repository by clicking the "Fork" button'''# ''' Clone it - git clone'''# ''' Configure remotes'''## '''cd Graph_Cut'''## '''git remote add upstream'''## library]]'''git fetch upstream'''# '''Create a topic branch'''## '''git branch mybranch'''## '''git checkout mybranch'''# '''Make changes and commit them to your topic branch'''# '''Push the commits to your github repository'''# '''Send the pull request''' You can learn more about Git fork and branch model from [ Fork A Repo], including how to send a pull request from [ Pull Request]. === Letting us know === After you published your contributions, you probably also want to let us know what you did, so just send a mail to [ the Fiji devel mailing list]tutorial.
== Providing documentation ==
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