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Referring to source code: whitespace trick
However, once development advances, the file's contents might change in the meantime, or the file might even go away! To provide a link to a specific revision of the file, just hit the {{Key|Y}} key to modify the URL to a permanent link (it will then reference the exact commit, instead of a branch).
== Ignore whitespace changes in diffs ==
Unfortunately it is quite common in the Fiji project that developers mix whitespace changes with other changes (and consequently, the latter changes are really, really hard to spot), as if reviewing code was not hard enough yet.
On the command-line, Git [ understands the <code>-w</code> flag] to ignore whitespace changes, and GitHub provides the same functionality, too: just append <code>?w=1</code> to the URL (or <code>&w=1</code> if there are already GET parameters).
= Editing files =
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