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SciJava projects: Note that Dscho is on sabbatical from Fiji
| '''[[Fiji]]'''
| [[User:Schindelin|Johannes Schindelin]]<br>[[User:Albertcardona|Albert Cardona]]
| [[User:Schindelin|Johannes Schindelin]]<sup>2</sup><br>[[User:Rueden|Curtis Rueden]]| [[User:Schindelin|Johannes Schindelin]]<sup>2</sup><br>[[User:Rueden|Curtis Rueden]]<br>[[User:Hinerm|Mark Hiner]]
| See the [ list on GitHub]
| See [[Contributors]]
| [[User:Rueden|Curtis Rueden]]<br>Kevin Eliceiri
| [[User:Linkert|Melissa Linkert]]
| [[User:Linkert|Melissa Linkert]]<br>[[User:Rueden|Curtis Rueden]]<sup>23</sup>
| See the [ list on GitHub]
| See [ OME Contributors]
| [[File:knime-icon.png|48px]]
| '''[[KNIME]]'''<sup>34</sup>
| [[User:Dietz|Christian Dietz]]
| [[User:Dietz|Christian Dietz]]
<sup>1</sup> Pietzsch leads on day to day issues. Pietzsch, Preibisch and Saalfeld vote on primary decisions, with Pietzsch's vote breaking ties.
<br><sup>2</sup> Schindelin is currently on sabbatical from Fiji; see [ this thread on fiji-devel].<br><sup>3</sup> Rueden maintains the Bio-Formats [[update site]] for ImageJ, but is not otherwise a Bio-Formats maintainer.<br><sup>34</sup> For the purposes of this table, "KNIME" means the [[KNIME|KNIME Image Processing]] extensions, not the KNIME project as a whole.
== Further reading ==
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