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That said, every project needs leaders: the ones who participate in ''governance'' of the project, [ maintaining] the software and making key decisions.
== Project roles ==
Because [[open source]] software is highly collaborative, it is extremely important to understand the difference between various roles on the project, to avoid misconceptions about '''authority''' (who makes decisions) and '''responsibility''' (who must do the work) concerning each project.
* '''Contributors''' are people who help with the project either currently or in the past. They may participate occasionally or sporadically, and are typically not involved in project decision making.
== SciJava projects ==
Here is a summary of roles for some projects in the [[SciJava]] ecosystem.
<br><sup>3</sup> For the purposes of this table, "KNIME" means the [[KNIME|KNIME Image Processing]] extensions, not the KNIME project as a whole.
== Further reading ==
* [ OSS Watch's article on Governance Models]
* Eric S. Raymond's [ Homesteading the Noosphere]
* Eric S. Raymond's [ The Cathedral and the Bazaar]
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