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Release early, release often
== Release early, release often ==
ImageJ subscribes to the "release early, release often" mantra often cited in software engineering circles. In particular, and especially because there is a small core development team, the project is driven by [ Boyd's Law of Iteration]: '''speed of iteration beats quality of iteration'''. That is not to say that we do not strive for quality—we do. But we have found through experience that more releases, together with guiding user feedback, pushes push a project forward more efficiently than very slow but carefully considered and tested releases with little user feedback during each testing phase.
== Do it in public ==
ImageJ and SciJava are not [[open source]] software ''products''—they are [[open source]] software ''projects'' following an [[open source]] development ''process''. ImageJ is funded by taxpayer money, so the project strives to be as transparent as possible, by [[ doing it in public]!
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