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==== Configuration on a Proprietary Cluster ====
Archipelago may be run on a proprietary cluster, for instance one running SLURM or qsub, by scripting the creation of an .arc configuration file and passing it as an argument to the Fiji or ImageJ executable. An [{{GitHub|org=larrylindsey/|repo=Stampede-Fiji-Archipelago/blob/master/|path=job.fiji#L126 |label=example] }} showing how this is done on the vnc queue of the TACC stampede cluster is available.
==== Saving ====
While many Clusters may exist on a single root node, only one is "official." This instance is referenced by Cluster.getCluster(). Cluster.activeCluster() indicates whether there is existing active Cluster.
An example may be found in [{{GitHub|repo=fiji/fiji/blob/master/|path=src-plugins/Fiji_Archipelago/src/main/java/edu/utexas/clm/archipelago/example/ |label=Cluster_SIFT]}}. An example that demonstrates the breakage of deep equality may be found in [ Equality_Example]
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