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TrackMate version history

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TrackMate v2.4.0
* Do not crash when saving unconfigured detector or tracker.
* Many other bugfixes.
== 07-07-2014 - v2.4.0 ==
* TrackScheme now has an outline panel, useful to navigate in large models.
* TrackScheme has a better layout for tracks that have merge and split events.
* The 'Refresh' button on detector config panels is not present anymore. It's confusing and useless now that the quality value does not match pixel intensity at all.
* TrackMate has new logos and icons, made by Agnieszka Kawska @ IlluScientia.
* Fixed several problems with the 'Copy Overlay' action.
* Fixed a severe TrackScheme bug, happening when creating links with invisible tracks.
* Fixed a detector crash when running a preview detection with 0 spots found.
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