2015-02-09 - ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-24 released

Today, the ImageJ team is pleased to announce a new public release candidate for ImageJ2: version 2.0.0-rc-24.

rc-23 / rc-24

What's new

First pass to reduce SCIFIO overhead:

  • Fixed a bug resulting in 2-second timeouts when calling SCIFIO from a macro (b83c41e5).
  • Improved caching of common data (boosts performance throughout ImageJ2) (7ae4103a...24051249).
  • SCIFIO configurations use more sensible defaults, favoring performance.
  • For some highly unscientific benchmarks of performance, see right.

First wave of improvements from 2015-01 Konstanz ImageJ Ops hackathon

  • Better op code generation layer via Groovy parser (c51ce639).
  • Divide built-in op implementations into namespaces (4e4a9e2f).
  • Improve the project's build time (1c9d1d05).
  • Better error messages when ops don't match (4de825c6).
  • Support for unary & binary arithmetic with primitives (af05aff6).
  • New kernel implementations + FFT ops (6c01f0ba, 61062163, e5567c3e).

Updated messages for Refresh Menus & related commands to be more user-friendly (hopefully).

What's next

Looking ahead at short-term goals:

  • Fixes/improvements for command-line functionality.
  • More SCIFIO performance improvements.
  • An automated troubleshooter to improve the average user experience.

How to update

Use the Help  › Update... command to update your ImageJ installation. Please send any comments to the ImageJ mailing list. Thanks for the continued feedback and support!