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The ImageJ and related SciJava projects take advantage of several project management tools.


ImageJ uses the Git revision control system to manage its source code.

See the Git pages for more information, tutorials, etc.


ImageJ uses Maven for its project infrastructure.

Maven artifacts are published to the ImageJ Maven repository.

Releases are versioned with Semantic Versioning.

Issue tracking

ImageJ manages tasks and priorities using GitHub Issues:

Previously, the project used Trac for issue tracking and roadmapping, but all Trac issues are now being migrated to GitHub. See these links:

Patch submissions

The preferred mechanism to contribute improvements to ImageJ and other SciJava components is using GitHub pull requests! See the Contributing page for details.

Continuous integration

ImageJ has a Jenkins server, which automatically checks the code for build and test errors.

You can access Jenkins's last successful build artifacts from the Downloads page.

Other roadmap links

  • News about ImageJ and Fiji developments, including status updates, observations and comments about ImageJ programming.
  • Recent changes to this web site (not the ImageJ code itself).
  • BugZilla database of user-reported bugs from the Report a Bug plugin.

See also