ImageJA (ImageJA)
Author Wayne Rasband, Johannes Schindelin, Albert Cardona, et al
Maintainer ImageJ Jenkins
File Newer versions on Maven Central
Older versions in ImageJ Maven repository
Source Git repository
Initial release 17/03/2007
Latest version auto-updated
Development status auto-maintained
Website SourceForge site

ImageJA is a project that provides a clean Git history of the ImageJ 1.x project, with a proper 'pom.xml' file so that it can be used with Maven without hassles.

Historical note

ImageJA was launched in 2005 as a fork of ImageJ1; i.e., it was synchronized closely with ImageJ with a few changes on top:

  • When run as an applet, ImageJA is embedded.
  • The internal structure of ImageJA's recorder allows command listeners to get much more fine-grained information.
  • When launching a text editor, in many cases ImageJA will now choose Fiji's Script Editor, if available, instead of the old AWT based ImageJ editor.
  • ImageJA has an easy Plugin installer via Plugins  ▶ Install PlugIn... (ImageJ only has that drag-n-drop thingie).
  • The instance listener is RMI-based with ImageJA, so there is no security issue with it.
  • ImageJA's Command Launcher has fuzzy matching, too.
  • A couple of bug fixes:
    • JavaScript in ImageJA can find plugin classes, too.
    • ImageJA also put back some not-yet-deprecated methods as deprecated.
    • A simple bug fix in PolygonRoi drawing (it moves to the first point, but then draws a line to the same first point rather than the second).
    • A little bug fix in StackWindow: if you have a 2D time lapse, ImageJ will still use the zSelector (rather than the tSelector).
    • ImageJA can handle https:// URLs, too.

Where is the applet used?

To the knowledge of the author of the advanced applet parts of ImageJA, the applet is used at least here: