We ask users to cite:

  1. Any specific publications of plugins used.
  2. The general paper of ImageJ distribution(s) used—e.g., if you used Fiji, cite the Fiji paper.
  3. The general ImageJ paper.

If journal reference limits interfere, the plugin-specific publications should take precedence.

In general, please cite these projects—their long-term future depends on it!

Thank you for your support.

Publications to cite

Project Citation
Core projects
ImageJ Schneider, C. A.; Rasband, W. S. & Eliceiri, K. W. (2012), "NIH Image to ImageJ: 25 years of image analysis", Nature methods 9(7): 671-675, PMID 22930834, <> (on Google Scholar).
ImageJ2 Schindelin, J.; Rueden, C. T. & Hiner, M. C. et al. (2015), "The ImageJ ecosystem: An open platform for biomedical image analysis", Molecular Reproduction and Development, PMID 26153368, <> (on Google Scholar).
Distributions of ImageJ
Fiji Schindelin, J.; Arganda-Carreras, I. & Frise, E. et al. (2012), "Fiji: an open-source platform for biological-image analysis", Nature methods 9(7): 676-682, PMID 22743772, <> (on Google Scholar).
BoneJ Doube, M.; Kłosowski, M. M. & Arganda-Carreras, I. et al. (2010), "BoneJ: Free and extensible bone image analysis in ImageJ", Bone 47(6): 1076-1079, PMID 20817052, <> (on Google Scholar).
Supporting libraries
ImgLib2 Pietzsch, T.; Preibisch, S. & Tomancak, P. et al. (2012), "ImgLib2—generic image processing in Java", Bioinformatics 28(22): 3009-3011, PMID 22962343, <> (on Google Scholar).
SciJava Common Rueden, C., Schindelin, J., Hiner, M. & Eliceiri, K. (2016). SciJava Common [Software].
SCIFIO Hiner, M., Rueden, C. & Eliceiri, K. (2016). SCIFIO [Software].
ImageJ Ops Rueden, C., Dietz, C., Horn, M., Schindelin, J., Northan, B., Berthold, M. & Eliceiri, K. (2016). ImageJ Ops [Software].

See the list of citable software and publications using Fiji for additional citation information.